2017 bet365 premier league sponsorship

2017 bet365 premier league sponsorship

bet365 is an online gambling company that has made a name for itself in the world of sports betting. In 2017, they took their sponsorship efforts to a new level by becoming the official sponsor of the premier league. This move had a significant impact on the company’s visibility and brand recognition.

Benefits of the Sponsorship

The sponsorship of the premier league by bet365 came with many benefits. One of the main advantages was the increased exposure the company received. With millions of fans tuning in to watch premier league matches every week, bet365 was able to reach a massive audience and promote its brand to a new set of potential customers.

Brand Recognition

By being the official sponsor of the premier league, bet365 was able to strengthen its brand recognition. The company’s logo was prominently displayed on advertising materials, in stadiums, and during match broadcasts. This increased visibility helped bet365 become more recognizable among sports fans and bettors alike.

Increased Revenue

Another benefit of the premier league sponsorship for bet365 was the potential for increased revenue. With more exposure and brand recognition, the company could attract more customers to its online betting platform. This, in turn, could lead to higher profits and a larger market share in the competitive world of sports betting.

Enhanced Credibility

By being associated with the premier league, bet365 was able to enhance its credibility in the eyes of consumers. The premier league is one of the most popular and prestigious football leagues in the world, and having the league’s endorsement lent bet365 a sense of legitimacy and trustworthiness that is invaluable in the online gambling industry.

Long-Term Impact

The sponsorship of the premier league by bet365 had a lasting impact on the company’s reputation and bottom line. By aligning themselves with such a high-profile sporting event, bet365 was able to solidify its position as a major player in the sports betting industry and attract a larger and more loyal customer base.


Overall, the 2017 bet365 premier league sponsorship was a smart move for the company that reaped many benefits. From increased exposure and brand recognition to a boost in revenue and credibility, the sponsorship had a positive impact on bet365’s business. It showcased the company’s commitment to sports and betting, and solidified its position as a premier online gambling platform.