bet365 stadium capacity

# Bet365 Stadium Capacity

## Introduction
The Bet365 Stadium, located in Stoke-on-Trent, England, is the home stadium of Stoke City Football Club. It has a rich history and has seen many memorable matches over the years. One key aspect of any stadium is its capacity, as it determines how many fans can attend games and creates the atmosphere for the team.

## Capacity
The Bet365 Stadium has a total capacity of 30,089. This includes seating for 27,902 spectators, with an additional 2,187 seats available in the West Stand upper tier. The stadium also has facilities for disabled supporters, with dedicated seating areas and viewing platforms to ensure everyone can enjoy the matchday experience.

## Expansion
The stadium was originally known as the Britannia Stadium when it opened in 1997 with a capacity of 28,384. Over the years, several expansions have taken place to increase the seating capacity. The most recent expansion occurred in 2020, when additional seating was added to the West Stand upper tier, increasing the overall capacity to its current level of 30,089.

## Atmosphere
With a capacity of over 30,000, the Bet365 Stadium has a vibrant and passionate atmosphere on matchdays. The loyal Stoke City supporters fill the stands and create an electric atmosphere that can spur the team on to victory. The stadium’s design also helps to amplify the noise levels, with the stands close to the pitch creating a cauldron of noise that opponents find intimidating.

## Conclusion
The Bet365 Stadium’s capacity of 30,089 provides ample seating for fans to support Stoke City Football Club. The expansions over the years have ensured that more supporters can enjoy the matchday experience, and the vibrant atmosphere created by the enthusiastic fans adds to the overall excitement of attending games at the stadium.