next everton manager odds bet365

Next Everton Manager Odds Bet365

With Carlo Ancelotti’s recent departure from Everton to return to Real Madrid, the Premier League club is now in search of a new manager to lead the team. As the speculation and rumors swirl around potential candidates, Bet365 has released their odds for the next Everton manager. Let’s take a look at some of the top contenders and their chances of taking over at Goodison Park.

Contenders for the Job

One of the top contenders for the Everton managerial position is Nuno Espirito Santo. The former Wolves manager is currently the favorite with odds of 5/4 to be appointed as the new boss. Santo impressed during his time at Wolves, guiding them to back-to-back seventh-place finishes in the Premier League. His experience in the top flight and ability to work with a limited budget make him an attractive option for the Toffees.

Another strong candidate is Eddie Howe, who managed Bournemouth for over eight years before leaving the club last year. Howe is currently priced at 3/1 to become the next Everton manager. Known for his attacking style of play and ability to develop young talent, Howe could be a good fit for Everton as they look to rebuild and compete for European qualification.

Rafa Benitez is also in the running for the Everton job, with odds of 5/1. The former Liverpool and Newcastle manager has a wealth of experience in the Premier League and has a proven track record of success. Benitez’s tactical acumen and ability to organize a defense could be just what Everton need to solidify their backline and push for a higher finish in the league.

Dark Horses in the Race

There are a few dark horse candidates who could potentially surprise everyone and take over at Everton. One such candidate is Graham Potter, the current manager of Brighton. Potter has earned praise for his innovative tactics and commitment to developing young players. With odds of 8/1, he could be a wildcard choice for Everton as they look to shake things up and bring in a fresh approach.

Another dark horse contender is Frank Lampard, who was recently sacked by Chelsea. Despite his struggles at Stamford Bridge, Lampard is still seen as a promising young manager with a strong connection to English football. With odds of 12/1, he could be a risky but potentially rewarding choice for Everton as they look to inject some new energy into the squad.

Final Thoughts

As Everton continues their search for a new manager, the odds at Bet365 provide an interesting glimpse into the potential candidates and their chances of landing the job. Whether it’s Nuno Espirito Santo, Eddie Howe, Rafa Benitez, or one of the dark horse contenders, Everton will be looking for a manager who can bring stability, success, and a clear vision for the future. Only time will tell who will be chosen to lead the Toffees into the next era at Goodison Park.